The new pipe organ for SJE Arts will enhance the musical life of the chapel and in turn form part of the building’s rich heritage. It will be housed in the existing organ case designed by Bodley, the architect of the chapel. Other than that, the instrument will be completely new.

Using mechanical action, low wind pressures and unforced voicing, it will be an organ that openly sings. And consequently, encourage the chapel’s first-class choir to do the same.


The organ will have two keyboards of 51 notes, and a pedal organ of 27 notes. The 16 individual stops will comprise a total of 843 pipes made from hand-cast alloys of tin and lead.

The console, the brains of the organ, will be situated in an open space directly below the pipes. In turn, its mechanical action will ensure sensitive control, sensitivity, stability and a clean, light touch at all times.


All we need now is £250,000 to restore the Bodley Case, construct the organ and install it. So here are some ways you can help.

Sponsor a pipe, from around £ 50

There will be 843 pipes in total, from 8 feet in length to the size of a pencil. Each is hand-crafted from selected alloys of tin and lead, with some of the larger basses in wood.

Sponsor a façade pipe, from around £ 300

These are the larger, bright 30 pipes on show at the front of the case, made from 90% tin.

Buy a keyboard for £ 1,500

The organ is composed by two keyboards of 51keys and a pedalboard of 27 pedals.
The keys will be handmade in spruce, boxwood and ebony. The Pedals in massive oak.

Sponsor an entire voice, from £ 6,000

The organ is composed by 16 stops or voices, each including a set of 51 or more pipes and one different to the other.

Offer the entire console for £ 20,000

The organ’s command centre includes the stop controls, pedalboard, keyboards and bench.

A shirt video of an installation of a new tracker organ.